Ypulse Essentials: $1400 For Smurfberries, Kids Embrace The Kindle, Stardoll Gets 'Real'

Bills for in-app purchases (are the latest to shock parents, much like cell phone bills once did. Apple added in-app purchases last week and since has received complaints from parents about their kids running up huge bills for virtual wagonloads of smurfberries and buckets of snowflakes bought in Smurfs’ Village and Tap Zoo, two top-grossing apps that are rated for kids aged four and up, though Apple says iTunes users — and purchasers — must be 13+. In a story of online games doing kids some good, Mashable profiles FunGoPlay, an online network for kids that includes a physical component: kids earn rewards for going outside and playing sports) (Washington Post) (GigaOM)

- The ‘Glee’ cast hits the road (for its second U.S. tour. This time around, “Glee Live!” has been upped to 16 dates, playing arenas instead of theaters. Elsewhere in music news, Britney Spears’s new video, Hold It Against Me, will debut on February 17th, just before an episode of “Jersey Shore,” while simultaneously being unleashed online on Vevo) (Billboard) (USA Today)

- E-readers catch on (with young readers. While e-book sales were once topped with adult fiction, now sales of The Chronicles of Narnia series, Hush, Hush, and Dork Diaries series are soaring) (New York Times, reg required)

Stardoll gets ‘real’ (as Mattel lands a licensing deal to create physical dolls based on characters of the online tween/teen fashion game. Meanwhile, Bravado Toys gets the hair just right on its new Justin Bieber doll. Ken is sooo jealous!) (TechCrunch) (Idolator)

- Young, educated Millennials (are finding out the work world doesn’t meet their expectations, so they’re creating their own opportunities by founding their own companies and becoming self-employed) (Portfolio)

- Sasha and Malia Obama (aren’t on Facebook because the First Lady doesn’t think the social net is good for kids…but maybe when they’re older. The Gates Foundation thinks that Facebook is exactly the place to reach college students; the organization is funding college-specific apps for the site aimed to improve graduation rates) (Mashable)

- The most successful music acts on social media (aren’t what you think. Muse, Radiohead, and The xx are leading prolific posters Lady Gaga and Kanye West. On the other hand, some acts attempt to maintain their underground, indie status by making their band names impossible to search online) (ReadWriteWeb) (Wired)

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