Youth Media & Marketing Folks To Follow On Twitter

For all the talk we’ve had on Ypulse about what Twitter isn’t —the new teen online hangout of choice—there’s much to be said for what it is—a dynamic resource for bite-size insights and relevant links—and for how folks in the youth marketing and media space can take advantage by following the right people, brands, etc. We’ve learned this first hand with our own Ypulse Twitter account (HUGE props go to Youth Advisory Board members Meg and Libby for all their help maintaining it!) which now has 1k followers, and wanted, in turn, to share some fellow Twitterers with Ypulse readers. And so without further ado we present you a sampling of some of the best people to follow for youth marketing info and insight (other than Ypulse obviously). Feel free to leave your own suggestions in comments - we’ll definitely do a follow up post with more folks to follow as well as youth brands to follow!

General Youth Marketing

Targeting Kids
Who: Alison Ellis
Tweets focus on: Marketing & content trends targeting kids, tweens, teens and families.

Greg Rollett
Who: Gen Y marketing guru for Endagon Innovations.
Tweets focus on: Gen Y marketing, social media and music


Ben Leis

Who: CEO, The Campus Buzz
Tweets focus on: College media relations

Student Hacks

Who: A .org targeted towards college students looking for news and tech tips
Tweets focus on: Education, productivity tips and technology


Graham Brown
Who: Author of mobileYouth
Tweets focus on: Youth marketing trends and mobile culture.

Derek Baird
Education technologist
Tweets focus on: Social media, Gen Y, e-learning, and educational media


Who: Online book community for teens
Tweets focus on: Challenging teens to read, reflect, and reach out

Mitali Perkins
Who: YA author
Tweets focus on: Hot topics in the YA writing community

Who: Young Adult Library Services
Tweets focus on: The latest in library news and what’s happening in the teen book space


Izzy Neis
Youth virtual world and safety guru
Tweets focus on: Youth Media and virtual worlds

danah boyd
Who: Researcher at Microsoft Research New England and a Fellow at the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet and Society who received her PhD from the School of Information at UC-Berkeley
Tweets focus on: An academic take on youth culture and technology

Teen Resources

Josh Shipp
Who: Teen advice guru behind
Tweets focus on: Youth issues with a focus on relationships

Midwest Teen Sex Show
Who: A candid resource for sex education
Tweets focus on: Teen sexuality and sexual health issues


Teen Fashionista
Who: Casey Lewis, fashion blogger and Ypulse Campus Editor
Tweets focus on:
Youth style trends and fashion icons

I Heart Daily
Who: Teen trends e-newsletter
Tweets focus on: Teen-centric fashion, entertainment and news

We know we just skimmed the surface here and encourage you all to share who you’re following in the youth space!

For more coverage of youth marketing, go to the Ypulse Youth Marketing Channel sponsored by Youth Marketing Connection.


  1. Greg Rollett

    Thanks for including me on the list! I was wondering why I had an influx of new followers today from some amazing agencies and youth marketing pros! Great list that I am sure will grow as more and more brands, agencies and influential types get into the service!

  2. Paula

    Gotta put in a shameless plug for The Brown Bookshelf.  We’re new to Twitterville, but trying to spread the word on tween and teen reads and authors focused on those readers.

  3. Kim Hennig

    Great resource: Laura Levitan at Mr. Youth @levitanl

  4. Lisa @ Corporate Babysitter

    This may not be the type of youth insight you’re looking for, but you could try me as I twitter for Parents for Ethical Marketing.

  5. Bobbie Carlton

    For those interested in getting some insight into how tween girls think, follow @BeaconStMoms—the Beacon Street Girls website monitors share funny, touching and thoughtful posts from the Beacon Street Girls website.

  6. anastasia

    A few more to add:

    Our friends at Group Y in SoCal -

    Anne Collier from Net Family News -

    Let’s keep this list growing. We’ll definitely do a follow up post:)

  7. Jennifer @ jenwag57

    I write a blog called “Connect with your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology”. I am on twitter @jenwag57.

  8. @StrategicVision

    Who: @Exploramania
    Tweets focus on: Kids activity, education, and news on children’s health

  9. Chad Kennedy

    Teen Scene Magazine is on Twitter

  10. Luckie

    Not so shameless! Please include ASOP in the gang!:-)

  11. Marj Kleinman

    If any one is looking for a kid’s media consultant, please let me know—or follow me! @MosaicMarj

    15+ years of content development, R&D, producing and marketing video and interactive content for kids, parents and teachers at some of the top kid’s brands, including Noggin, Nick Jr., Nick, Scholastic and Sesame Workshop.

    Thanks! Marj

  12. Luke
  13. Leverage SEO To Attain New Clients, Subscribers an

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