YAB Review: “Unspoken” By Sarah Rees Brennan

Today's post comes from Youth Advisory Board member Skyanne, who recently read "Unspoken" by Sarah Rees Breenan. The novel, which is the first in the "Lynburn Legacy" series, is about a teenage girl named Kami, whose in love with an imaginary guy she's spoken to her whole life. As a result of this, she's an outsider in her town, but is content until a mysterious family named the Lynburns suddenly returns. Kami seeks to uncover their secrets and stumbles upon a few unexpected surprises. The story is gripping and the main character, Kami, is a strong, independent female as Skyanne explains below.

YAB Review: "Unspoken" By Sarah Rees Brennan

UnspokenFirst Impressions

"Unspoken", the first novel in the Lynburn Legacy, is like no other novel I've ever read. "Unspoken" begins with the main character Kami's current investigative newspaper story on the return of the Lynburns, effectively throwing the reader right into the action. Right from the start, the reader is introduced not only to a cast of interesting characters, but also to Kami's little secret – she can hear the voice of one specific boy inside her head and even though she's not sure he's real, she's pretty sure she's in love with him.

Sum It Up…

"Unspoken" is set around the return of the Lynburns to their hometown of Sorry-in-the-Vale. For years, the family resided in a mansion overlooking the town, until the twin daughters mysteriously parted ways and abandoned their home. Now the sisters are back with their teenage sons in tow. Kami is determined to find out both why they left and why they finally came back, but no one in town is willing to talk about the family in anything beyond a hushed whisper. It appears that the town has bigger secrets than the one Kami keeps in her head.

When were you hooked?

To say I was hooked by the end of the first chapter is not an exaggeration. I was immediately drawn in by Kami's spunky personality – I am so over the damsel-in-distress main character and Kami's independent, ready to take anyone down personality was refreshing. The novel is set in current-day England but the setting is so sharp and important to the story, that I had to continually remind myself that it was set in present-day and not Victorian England. The setting, mixed with the gothic tone of the novel and the characters, created something that I found impossible to put down. The only part I disliked was the ending – a wonderful but major cliffhanger and I am impatient to continue the story.


"Unspoken" is a book that I will be recommending to everyone this year. While I feel the main audience is teen girls, boys may also find themselves caught up in the story as it is far from your typical gothic romance. Sarah Rees Brennan has proven herself to be one talented, versatile author with "Unspoken" and I desperately want the second book in my hands immediately. This is one book that everyone should be reading now.

 Skyanne Fisher

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