Today's Ypulse Books: Mashup Highlights, Listen To 'Savvy' & More

Lisa McMann and David LevithanIt’s Friday, and Ypulse Books is back after our first Ypulse Books Publishing Pre-Conference at the 2008 Ypulse National Mashup. Phew. It’s all still sinking in for Alli, but she posted some highlights from Monday morning focusing on David Levithan’s keynote and the visual storytelling panel. As she said, “We covered a lot of ground from which I am still reeling and I hope that it will naturally continue to seep into my posts in the days and weeks to follow.” In today’s Ypulse Books Essentials, you can follow the links to the first chapter of Ingrid Law’s Savvy, read about how Twilight speaks to readers’ attraction to sexless characters, and discover the new multi-platform superhero.

P.S. You can also read about the Ypulse Books Pre-Conference over at Publisher’s Weekly. (photo of Lisa McMann and David Levithan from the Mashup taken by Kate Pavao)

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