Ypulse Essentials: Text Friendly Pope, 'Hills' Renewed, Politically Charged Music Videos

pope.jpgOMG! The Pope just texted me! (Pope Benedict will send inspirational messages on “World Youth Day”) (via Yahoo! News)

- Yet another stimulating season of ‘The Hills’ (the MTV favorite has been renewed for a fourth installment) (Reality Blurred)

- Political statements through music videos (ah, the power of free campaigning via technology) (St. Louis Dispatch)

- Earning less than our parents’ generations (with the same education, same qualifications, same job positions) (via Yahoo! News)

- Location-based social networking (Google Maps meets Facebook with Socialight opening up its tools to mobile developers - Michael Sharon, Socialight’s CEO, will be a speaker at the Ypulse Mashup in July!) (Mashable)

- Aniboom goes mobile (the ugc animation site also happens to be a Mashup speaker) (Media Post, reg. required)

- Defending Gen-Y to the tune of The Who’s ‘My Generation’ (a great essay about the negative connotations of the teen generation) (L.A. Times)

- Fee-free newspapers in the future (with so many people reading news online, free papers seem inevitable) (Reuters)

- Rapping about ‘The Economist’ (the song, along with a new “Economist” Facebook group, is bringing an unexpected young surge of readers to the periodical) (Guardian)

- ‘Truth’ ads are a tad out of touch (claims AdRants citing ancient quotes from now-deceased tobacco bigwigs has little sway with teens)


  1. anon

    Speaking of religion moving online, check out this site where people confess their sins online, anonymously: http://iconfessmyself.blogspot.com

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