Ypulse Essentials: SAG Awards Nominations, Millennials & Music, Gen Y Is Financially Repsonsible

The nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Awards are in and many of Millennials’ favorite movies and TV shows are in the running, including “Modern Family,” “30 Rock,” “The Help,” and “Bridesmaids,” which each earned several nods. We can’t wait to see who wins when the awards air next month! What shows do you think deserve the prize? Tell us in the comments below…) (NY Mag)

- Music is the most important medium to Millennials (and they can’t imagine life without it. They listen to songs most often via their car radio, followed by on their iPod/MP3 player, stored on a computer, and streamed online. Check out this infographic featuring data from our recent Ypulse entertainment report that covers Gen Y’s media habits on music, movies, TV and more!) (Adweek)

- Millennials are fairly good at managing their money (according to a recent survey among 18-29 year olds. Nearly two-thirds of them have created a personal budget and Gen Y has a higher proportion of their savings in high interest saving accounts than any other age group. Coming of age during the recession will likely instill lifelong values of keen financial strategy, saving, and being prepared in case of economic turmoil) (Yahoo)

- Who knew Santa was so digital-savvy? He’s tweeting at kids and adults alike this holiday season (and even posting personal videos on his YouTube channel. Thanks to his elves the UK Wireless company O2, users can receive fun, festive messages when they use the hashtag #02santa. Santa has already created 400 personal videos in reply to tweets, following the Old Spice approach that’s been extremely popular among Millennials. Speaking of the holidays, traditional toys top kids and tweens’ wishlist according to the NPD Group’s Kids Industry Data Service. More than 40% of 0-14 year olds want toys, followed by electronics [11%], videos games [10%], and apparel and accessories [9%]. Note: they don’t want items like the ones given in this hilarious video where Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to prank their kids by giving them terrible holiday gifts) (AdAge) (PSFK) (Cynopsis Kids) (YouTube)

- We typically hear about Gen Y’s obsession with Facebook (but as is the case with every trend, some Millennials aren’t interested in the social network despite its widespread popularity. They feel it takes away from personal contact with friends, that it’s full of clutter, and it’s become too invasive. The New York Times explains why some Millennials refuse to join — though they constantly pressured by their friends to sign up — and others are deleting their accounts. Many Facebook users may agree with resisters’ sentiments, but don’t expect the social network to dwindle in popularity anytime soon. In other Facebook news, check out the new app from Yahoo!, My Year In Review, which lets Facebook users see how the events of the past year in their lives line up with major events happening around the world)

- Club Penguin has become the largest social network for kids (by merging gaming, education, and a virtual community with cool features like contests, online meetups, concerts, and a Club Penguin newspaper. Mashable provides insight into how and why the site has achieved such success)

- Millennials are bringing new attitudes and skills to the workplace, such as their tech-savvy skills and passion (but there’s often a generational gap between them and other employees. For starters, Millennials want to have access to social media at work, flexibility, and the opportunity to receive training and frequent feedback. These can be time consuming desires, but Millennials want to be part of meaningful work and be highly engaged) (Forbes)

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