Meet The 2013 Youth Advisory Board Members: Part 2

The Ypulse staff is guided by a group of highly talented Millennials who keep us — and you — in the know about the latest trends in youth attitudes and culture. In their posts, they share their perspectives on media, marketing & advertising, technology, and the latest news — from what bugs them to what they think is awesome. You can always find YAB member contributions in the Millennial Voices section of the site.

We’ve asked the 2013 YAB members to introduce themselves to you in their own words. Below you’ll find the bios of new and returning members who inform, inspire, and energize us in our work with the Millennial generation. Also, check out Part 1 if you missed it ...

Meet The Youth Advisory Board 2013: Part 2

Jordan Orris

Jordan OrrisJordan, 19, is a determined freshman at Auburn University in Alabama, where she is majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies, emphasizing Marketing, Journalism, and Spanish, with a minor in Leadership and Ethics. She hopes to combine her studies with her interests in politics and writing someday, and could see herself working anywhere from Seventeen magazine to The White House. In high school, Jordan was active in Speech and Debate, Class Government, and community service. She founded GVoice, the school's first online literary publication, which receives hundreds of international hits per day, and continues to be a creative outlet for literary expression at her high school.

Marissa Monyak

MarissaMarissa is a freshman at Cuyahoga Community College and plans on studying Psychology. She enjoys dancing, traveling, painting, and of course, reading and writing. You can usually find Marissa at the local coffee shop with her nose in a book. She has a passion for music, technology, and pop culture. She hopes to make a difference through her writing.

Ruben Cuevas

Ruben CuevasRuben Cuevas is an aspiring musician, programmer, and business man. He loves team swimming and keeps up with the latest internet memes.

Alexis Donitz

Alexis is a freshman at New York University who picked up and moved from the sunny and relaxing Los Angeles, CA, to loud and crazy NYC. She has displayed her love for writing and magazine design through her role as Editor-in-Chief of her high school yearbook and her internship at exclusive Los Angeles Magazine, Angeleno. She was also published in two literary magazines in high school. Creative writing has always been a favorite for Alexis, but she also enjoys writing based on observation. Her favorite blogs to read are food blogs, although she enjoys indulging in gossip blogs as well. Alexis uses her opportunity of living in two amazing cities as an inspiration for her writing.

Jaclyn Rosen

Jaclyn RosenJaclyn is a sophomore at the University of Florida (Go Gators!) studying Public Relations and Business. Originally from New York, Jaclyn is torn between her love for the infectious energy of big cities and natural beauty of Florida’s beaches. Amid her busy schedule, this vegetarian, self-proclaimed Buddhist believes in the importance of balance, and makes time every day to go on long runs, paint, and enjoy college adventures with her friends. Jaclyn has been a voice for the Millennial generation through her internships for MTV, Do, and OneSixtyFourth, and represents her peers on campus as a Student Body Senator, Vice President of her sorority, and only student member of the Provost’s Academic Assessment Committee.

Bryan Spencer

Bryan SpencerBryan is a Kansas native who, in early 2011, hopped on a plane to China in search of a new challenge and hasn't looked back since. He currently resides in Nanjing where he serves as the head of China operations for Millennial Marketing Partners, Inc., a California-based marketing and consulting company. Previously, he spent time at ClickHere (Chick-fil-A, Travelocity, GameStop, Amstel Light) and Archrival (Nebraska Book Company). Bryan has been a contributing writer for publications such as AOL and China Daily, as well as a book written in Chinese, "Impression of China," (Nanjing University Press, 2012). He graduated from the University of Kansas with a BA in Communication Studies and is currently a Master's candidate at Nanjing University, where he was awarded a full scholarship for graduate studies by the Chinese government. Learn more about Bryan by following him on Twitter @bryanspe.

Emily Smucker

Emily SmuckerEmily is happiest when she is drinking tea and reading a book in a sunny room. She is 22 years old and currently a sophomore in college. Majoring in communications and minoring in elementary education, Emily spends her spare time doing theater, blogging, and designing clothing. Her first book, titled “Emily,” was published in 2009, and she hopes to publish more books in the future. If you would like to read Emily’s blog you can find it at

Christopher Walcott

Christopher graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computing and an associated degree in General Business from the University of the Southern Caribbean. There, Christopher became passionate about being a social entrepreneur. From a young age, he has been involved in an active youth group called Pathfinders, and has aided in building shelters for the poor, clean-up campaigns, anti-drug marches, and being a positive male role model in society. His love for youth work, and his ambition and enthusiasm got him nominated to be a Youth Member of Parliament to promote the youth voice. During his tenure, he was involved in the Common Wealth Heads of Government Youth Forum (CYF) 2009 where he was one of the founding members of the Trinidad and Tobago Youth Economic Society. With his continuing involvement and development in youth activities, he was selected by the British Council to represent Trinidad and Tobago at the first ever Latin America and Caribbean Youth Summit (LACYS) 2010, in Rio, De Janerio Brazil. You can learn more about Christopher on his blog:

Mike Beard

Mike BeardMike is in 10th grade and is an aspiring filmmaker and entrepreneur, who's started multiple businesses in school. He loves to travel, write, and is very creative.

Molly Horan

Molly HoranMolly is a freelance writer who's covered everything from Wrock concerts to classic lit, though she specializes in geeky lists and book reviews. An aspiring YA author, when not writing she can normally be found reading the latest contemporary YA novel or re-reading Harry Potter. Born and raised in Bristol, CT, she now lives in New York City and while she loves the excitement and the culture, she sometimes misses Connecticut's trees.

Sydney Coates

Sydney CoatesAn American citizen, Sydney currently lives and studies in Canada. She reads…a lot! The good news is that Canadians are generally polite and friendly and don’t seem to mind when she causes mayhem as a result of her nose being permanently attached to a book. That doesn’t mean that an international conflict of “War of 1812″ proportions couldn’t happen as a result of Sydney’s time in Canada. While svelte and diminutive, she’s more than capable of generating disproportionate impact…

Nathaniel Prince Lewis

Nathaniel LewisNathaniel is a Bahamian film producer, screenwriter, actor, social-entrepreneur, and author, born in Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas. Having a passion for the arts (mainly film and theater) and advancing positive global change from a very young age, he’s been involved in many local theater productions in The Bahamas and has served as a motivational speaker and leadership trainer at events and seminars throughout North America, including in The Bahamas, Canada, and the United States. He also participated in the Bahamas National Youth Parliament 2009 and was elected Deputy Speaker by his peers. Nathaniel has successfully authored his first book “Triumph: Poetic Expressions of Success,” produced the award-winning short film “Politicking in Paradise” (which won best short at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival on Location: Grand Bahamas Island), and is now the Executive Producer and host of the upcoming web series “The Prince’s Lounge.” In his spare time, he enjoys theatre, traveling, nightlife, and public speaking.

Danielle Gizzo

Danielle GizzoDanielle is an innovative marketing communications professional who earned her B.S. in Advertising and Graphic Design from Rider University. This New Jersey native has since been learning the ropes of the corporate retail world through her experience with Macy’s Merchandising Group. Learn more about Danielle by following her on Twitter @Danielle_Gizzo.


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