Marketing To The Modern Family: Yoplait Gets It

Dads Who Get It Get Go-GurtJust in time for back to school, Yoplait has released a new ad campaign with two commercials, one called “Moms Who Get It Get Go-Gurt” and the other is “Dads Who Get It Get Go-Gurt.” In both commercials, one parent is shown packing their child’s lunch, making sure to include the kid’s favorite: Go-Gurt. Yep, dads pack lunches.

It’s great to see a commercial that represents the situation of many modern families in which dads are doing more. There’s little indication if this is a single dad, an out-of-work husband taking over household duties, or just a dad doing more around the house. In any case, it reflects a new reality: dads are more involved than ever in their children’s lives, and they’re taking more active roles as consumers. In fact, a third of dads are the primary shoppers for their households. They make purchase decisions on everything from technology to baby products to groceries.

Many of today’s young dads are leading-edge Millennials (born in the late 70s and early 80s), and Millennial men are a new breed of consumer. They came of age with technology at their fingertips, which has given them confidence as shoppers. They have easy access to friends’ opinions and online reviews to help them make decisions. Armed with information, they’re not afraid to tackle shopping chores.

Their children (Gen Z?) also have a powerful role in household purchases. As the Go-Gurt commercial points out, Millennial dads are listening to their kids (it’s hard to ignore them with so many reminder notes!). Families are making collaborative decisions, and children’s opinions carry significant weight. Millennial parents are allowing their children to mirror the role they had growing up, helping their parents make purchase decisions about items they didn’t understand as well as their kids, primarily technology. Today’s youngsters have a broader purview, helping with all household decisions. That doesn’t mean they always get what they want, but their opinion is always registered.

We’re surprised how few ad campaigns take this new family dynamic into account. Fewer and few households fit into the two parents, two kids model. Campaigns that reflect modern families stand out and grab attention, particularly among the households they reflect. And when those families go shopping, they’ll remember which brands get them, and which don’t.


  1. Margo

    I found the DAD commercial rather offensive—it continues to allude to Dads being dumb at parenting. (Like a Dad is too stupid to pack a lunch with yogurt and needs a bunch of post-its?). If that commercial said, “Working Moms who get it get Gogurt,” the backlash would be crazy. Sorry—this coming from a stay at home mom (whose kids LOVE Gogurt!)

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