Lady Gaga And The Art Of Self-Promotion..Or Over-Saturation

Lady GagaThere’s no doubt the music industry is suffering. Album sales are down. Concert ticket sales are down. What’s an artist to do to stay on top? Well, there’s the Lady Gaga method of promotion…

You might have noticed — especially if you’re a regular Ypulse reader — that Lady Gaga has been making constant headlines this year, starting with a New Year’s announcement via Twitter of the single and album release dates for “Born This Way.”

Since then there have been more dates announced, a quirky Grammy’s arrival, singles “leaked” and officially released, videos, cover art, an HBO special… And there were also a few additional stories about her disapproval of Weird Al’s parody “Perform This Way” and her crazy interview with Harper’s Bazaar in which she claimed the protrusions on her face and shoulders are really her bones. Has there been a week gone by that there wasn’t some Gaga-related news? We can’t remember one.

As the Onion joked, the time it takes something to go from amusing to extremely irritating is shrinking. Gaga releases something, gives it its moment, and then shows us something else. But she may be risking annoying us with all things Lady Gaga.

This week alone — timed perfectly for the May 23 debut of her “Born This Way” album — she will be mentoring finalists on “American Idol,” announced the release of her next single, “Hair,” for May 16, revealed a partnership with Zynga to create GagaVille launching May 17, and is rumored to be starring in a commercial for Google’s new cloud player. In GagaVille, players will be able to unlock unreleased songs and remixes from “Born This Way,” as well as get limited edition virtual items related to the album’s themes (crown of thorns anyone?). A $25 game card available at Best Buy comes packaged with a free download of the album.

Is this what’s next for the music industry? Sure, artists have been releasing singles from albums for ages, but few do it with the flair and drama of Gaga, who is, after all, a performance artist. Her random promotional partnerships and announcements on Twitter turn the release of singles and album art into an “event”…which in turn makes headlines. But are we nearing a tipping point?

All this media saturation has us a bit tired of the diva before the album is even released (yes, we realize we’re adding to that media coverage). What can she show us that we haven’t seen so far? Oh wait, this is Gaga we’re talking about, and she’s sure to do something sensational to stay in the headlines, even if it is only remotely tied to her music.


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    Whoever is behind Lady Gaga marketing strategy and promotion is a genius and knows how to create viral buzz

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