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I’ve blogged earlier about how CBS’s new reality show “Kid Nation” seems like a recipe for child exploitation (and calling out the parents for letting them participate). Now the show is drawing claims of possible child abuse. From the New York Times article, reg. required:

Several children required medical attention after drinking bleach that had been left in an unmarked soda bottle, according to both the parent and CBS. One 11-year-old girl burned her face with splattered grease while cooking.

The L.A. Times piece, reg. required, reported:

On July 16, Television Week revealed that sources in the New Mexico Department of Labor claimed the children worked as many as 14 hours a day and were taken advantage of because of statutes on the books that protected theatrical and film productions from child labor restrictions.

But what’s really unnerving is this quote from a CBS executive (Ghen Maynard) in the L.A. Times (paraphrased by Andy Dehnart at Reality Blurred) about how the show was greenlit with the hope of creating buzz:

“I thought it could be a way to try to get some attention on a broadcast level for a new kind of show, one that really put young kids to the test,” he tells the Los Angeles Times. He also says that criticism from media scholars (who the paper talks to) and others is “reasonable.”

Of course they’re already planning the second season….WTF?

Update: I just posted a longer commentary on this over at The Huffington Post.



  1. Kelly Mahoney

    This show is a trainwreck.  I want to watch to see if it’s really as bad as it sounds, but I don’t want to support the show with ratings.  I wasn’t even allowed to go to summer camp as a child, who would let their kids do this?

  2. Mary

    I would just like to know how these parents could sign their kids up for this show.  Surely their children’s welfare is worth more than $5-20,000?

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