College Students Embracing Early And Absentee Voting

On the eve of this historic election, our friends at SurveyU (a Ypulse advertiser and research sponsor at the Ypulse Youth Marketing Mashup East) have just released data on college students and early and absentee voting. If anyone is still questioning whether youth will participate in this year’s election, these numbers should give you pause. From SurveyU:

In a poll conducted among a representative sample of 2,000 US College students from October 29th, 2008 through November 2nd, 2008, the 40% of college students that voted early were more than twice as likely to have voted for Barack Obama (65%) versus John McCain (30%). Students that say that they will definitely or probably vote on Tuesday (53% of current US College Students who are registered to vote) exhibit a similar pattern, with 62% planning on voting for Barack Obama, 28% planning to vote for McCain and 11% still undecided with only hours left before election day.

The choice of running mate has damaged John McCain among college students, with 62% of registered college student voters saying that they are less likely to vote for McCain with Sarah Palin on the ticket and 21% saying that they are more likely to vote for McCain as a result of the GOP Vice Presidential candidate.

The opposite is the case for the Democratic ticket, with 31% saying that they are more likely to vote for Obama with Joe Biden on the ticket and only 16% saying that they are less likely to vote for Obama as a result of the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate.

Sorta related:

A former colleague of mine from Current TV, who is an amazing graphic designer, sent me this site he’s been working on called SayHear, “a site that allows you leave a voice message on who you’re voting for and why from your phone. Your message (but not your name/number of course) will then be shared for others to listen to.” It’s non-partisan…


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