Author Spotlight: 'Summer And The City' By Candace Bushnell

Summer And The CityWe’re already enjoying the second installment of The Carrie Diaries series, Summer And The City, which came out last week, when we had a chance to chat with author Candace Bushnell to get the background on this addition to many summer reading lists. The book follows young Carrie Bradshaw as she transitions from “country sparrow” to the citified woman we love, quickly finding herself wrapped up in the fabulous life she lives in “Sex and the City” — think high fashion and dashing men.

Here’s what Candace had to tell us about young Carrie Bradshaw, her advice for today’s youth, and the potential for a Carrie Diaries TV show or movie…

Ypulse: What prompted you to enter the YA market?

Candace Bushnell: I thought these stories would be fun for teens. But YA, Chicklit, Romance, Paranormal—these are only labels. My goal was to write the best book about Carrie Bradshaw and friends that I possibly could.

YP: Carrie grows up quickly — one night in New York and she’s already sipping cocktails at fashionable parties. She manages to live a life that young girls aspire to, while at the same time being a very relatable person. What aspects of the character are most appealing for young readers?

CB: Young people always want to be adults — and usually think they’re more grown up and mature than they actually are. Carrie’s pretty typical of that syndrome, except in her case, she really is thrust into a world not only of adults, but of particularly sophisticated, successful adults where she has to learn to sink or swim.

YP: Samantha’s advice to Carrie is to “fake it ‘til you make it.” What’s your advice to young girls (or guys) dreaming of making the leap from the suburbs and small towns to the big city?

CB: Remember, that advice is coming from Samantha! My advice to young girls is work hard, develop discipline and a work ethic, and always be respectful towards those older and more accomplished. In other words, it’s not always about you!

YP: Carrie has a love for grown-up fashion. Is there too much focus on luxury fashion for teens?

CB: Of course there is! But many of these luxury brands have been around for more than 150 years—they’ve moved from selling to kings to commoners—how can a mere teen resist? It’s all very Jane Austin-ish and something I’ve already addressed and skewered in my novel One Fifth Avenue.

YP: You’ve signed on for two more YA novels with HarperCollins. What will they be about?

CB: I haven’t decided yet, but I’d love to write one more book in the Carrie Diaries Series.

YP: Any plans to bring “The Carrie Diaries” or “Summer and the City” to TV or film?

CB: There certainly seems to be a lot of talk, but nothing concrete as of yet. Stay tuned!

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