Past Ypulse Events and Awards

Millennial Mega Mashup Conference

Every year, the power players of the Youth Marketing industry convene to compare notes, hear about new ideas and have fun. The Millennial Mega Mashup is the only event that explores Millennial culture, how youth habits and attitudes are evolving, and what this means for your brand and business.

Millennials are the largest American generation ever, wielding enormous spending power, and they’re still figuring our their brand preferences and opinions. Unlike their predecessors, this group entered the world as tech smart, media-savvy kids, and they’re growing up expecting more from the companies and brands vying for their attention.

Each year we assemble an All-Star team of speakers from the biggest names in youth culture to fill you in on what matters most to Millennials.  This year, we're we're digging deeper into the rapidly changing world of Millennials, entitling our conference: Millennials Reassessed.  Find out more about our 2013 Events here.

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GennY Award

Now in its third year, the GennY Award is a youth marketing case study competition that honors and recognizes best practices of those who have applied new and innovative techniques to connecting and communicating with youth. The grand prize winner is presented with the GennY Award each year at the Ypulse annual conference.

Submissions are judged by a panel of youth and marketing experts with four finalists showcased at the conference. Judges consider a broad range of applications spanning the spectrum of marketing and communications, including: traditional advertising, guerilla marketing, social media, mobile marketing and experiential marketing. Campaigns are measured on organizational relevance, execution, creativity, innovation, and authenticity.

Past GennY Award winners include:

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